May 23, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: The Bride and Groom (Part 2)

After we had done a few photos on the beach, Sol took us to the backside of the hotel where some beautiful mangroves were growing. We found a little path and started to walk down it. 

When we got to the other side of the path, we climbed the hotel steps and went up into the balcony on the second floor.

And this my friends is when Sol put that amazing creativity of hers to work. 

She positioned Mr. Meerkat against the wall and then had me stand so that my shadow was on the wall next to him.

She did this a couple different was but I think my favorite of all these photos has to be this one:

Then Sol had me move up next to Mr. Meerkat for a couple photos of us together.

It was at this point Mr. Meerkat was giving Sol that pleading "please let me lay in the hammock for some photos" look. Well you can probably guess what happened next.

Of all our photos I think this photo of Mr. Meerkat looking all relaxed has to be one of my favorite.

The sun was just about to set at this point, so we headed down to the beach for some silhouette shots.

We even tried some unique umbrella shots.

While this looks flawless, it took a few tries to get the umbrella high enough over our heads and not flying to the side.

And then just as the sun was about to set completely Sol grab this last amazing shot.

And with that we got back into the vans (45 minutes behind schedule, oops) and headed back to our resort for the reception.

Up Next: The Reception - Our Grand Entrance

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