May 18, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: The Bride and Groom (Part I)


After group photos, our families went back to the lounge area while we stayed by the waters edge to get some bride and groom portraits.

It was nice to have a few minutes to ourselves. Even though our guests were within watching distance, we didn't notice. You can probably tell from the photos that we were not noticing anything but each other.

As we started to work our way down the beach, Sol had us stop next to of one of the little papalas in front of the hotel.

I just love how creative Sol and Jonathan were with our silhouettes.

Now I have to be honest here that for next ten minutes or so of shots on the beach my memory is kind of a blur but I will do my best to tell you what I do remember.

I remember Sol and Jonathan telling us to walk down the beach a bit while they continued to work their camera magic.

I know at some point they told us to stop and turn around.

And I remember Sol telling me to walk down to the water.

Walk towards frigid cold water just as the sun is setting and the temp is dropping? Sure, no problem. Sol probably could have told me to stand on my head that day and I wouldn't have thought twice before doing it. I am really glad I was able to trust Sol like this because all those happy endorphins were making it hard to have a rational thought.

When I got back up to where Mr. Meerkat was standing, I immediately gave him the biggest "I can't believe we're really married" hug.

And a kiss. One of about a million he got that day.

Yes, I was one sublimely happy Meerkat.

Up Next: Our Bride and Groom Portraits (Part II)

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