May 11, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: Mix And Mingle

One of my favorite parts of our cocktail hour was the mariachi band.

When we were first told they were part of the venue rental I was actually kind of indifferent but I can't tell how happy I am that we had them. They set the mood beautifully with happy, celebratory music. None of us speak Spanish so I have no idea what songs they played but it didn't matter. I think anyone can enjoy a mariachi band regardless of language.

While the mariachi band played, our sweet waiters came around to make sure everyone had a drink.

Then they started to bring out tons and tons of amazing hor dourves.

Are you ready to see all the noms?

We left the food selection up to Al Cielo's chef.  Best. Decision. Ever. The food was absolutely amazing and rivaled any five star restaurant here in the states. Our family and friends still rave about how amazing the food was.

Mr. Meerkat, being the foodie that he is, really got into trying all the different creations.

After we had a few bites, we were able to start mixing and mingling with our guests. Since we had such a small number of guests I was so afraid that after 10 minutes we would all just be staring at each other but I was wrong.

Everyone talk, laughed and had a great time.

I even had a little time to sit with Ked and look through her photos.

But all too quickly Sol told us it was time to start the family photos. I sat my margarita down and we headed over to where our families were waiting.

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  1. That margarita look soooo refreshing :D
    Everything looks so purdy!

  2. That margarita look soooo refreshing :D
    Everything looks so purdy!