Sep 1, 2010

Our Invitations: The Final Reveal and How-To

I guess I have kept you waiting long enough.  I'm a bad little bee for taking so long to write this so I will cut straight to the chase.  Here is the finished product:

Everything from the pockfold to the boarding passes in the pocket were made by us.  Here is the step-by-step of how we did it.

Boarding Passes
We found the Microsoft Word basic outline template for the boarding pass out at The design was created in Photoshop using palm tree silhouette brushes from and the hibiscus flower dingbat font from (all for free I might add).  Everything else on them is just a basic square or rectangle with some coloring and text.  Pretty simple, huh? If you don't have Photoshop you can do almost this same design using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

We made a total of six boarding passes that contained a letter to our family and friends, trip information, at home reception information and RSVP card. We printed them onto linen paper from LCI Paper and cut them out.  (Sorry the image below is a bit blurry.)

Pocket Folds
Next we made the pocket folds.  We used 8.5" x 11" textured scrapbook paper from our local Joann Fabrics.  Each pocket fold consisted of one sheet folder into thirds with the pocket portion glued to the bottom of it. To create the pocket we cut pieces of the same type of paper 9.5" x 3", folding each of the three sides at the 1/2" mark:

To make the pocket we glued the front side of the three 1/2" flaps onto the sheet we folded into thirds.

We finished off the pocket fold portion with a Fiskar corner rounder to give the top two corners that rounded look.

Main Invitation
The main invitation was also designed in Photoshop using the same elements as the boarding passes. The light and dark brown borders around the main invitation were simply more of the textured scrapbook paper cut into different size rectangles.  The dark brown layer measured 1/2" less on each side than the light brown and the main invitation 1/4" less on each side than the dark brown layer. Once they were all cut out, we centered them, glued them onto each other and then onto the pocket fold.

For the belly bands we used the same linen paper as the boarding passes and main invitation.  Using powerpoint, I typed our saying into one inch sections, printed them and cut them into strips.

The final step was to wrap them around the invitation, gluing the two ends of the belly band to each other.

The hardest part of the whole project was figuring out the dimensions of each piece to make sure they all fit together while giving it the over all look we were going for.  When you made yours, did you have a hard time making sure all the piece fit together?

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