Sep 29, 2010

The cake that started as a joke... (Part 2)

With our epic fail into the wedding cake world we started to look around at ideas for more traditional cakes. We found out pretty quickly that we both loved little fondant flowers on cakes.

While those are simple and beautiful there was one cake that we both just stopped and said 'yep thats the one!'.

Yes we fell in LOVE with Mrs. Emeralds cake (among like a million other things in her wedding). Those little flowers streaming down the side are the perfect mix of simple and modern. *swoon*

So while we made the decision to have a two layer version of Mrs. Emeralds cake made and use our Indy cake topper with it, there was still something missing. It just wasn't completely "us" yet. We finally figured out what it was. Two furry little members of our family were missing from it; Wicket and Bravo. We HAD to add them to the cake.  I sent photos of our boys to Clay Greys on Etsy and she created two little status of them.

I *heart* these so much! The coloring and markings are identical to Wicket and Bravo. Now our boys can play a part in our wedding day.

Did anyone else have a much trouble finalizing their cake as we did?

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