Sep 28, 2010

The cake that started as a joke... (Part 1)

One day, a couple months after we started planning the wedding, I got an email from Mr. Meerkat. He sent me a picture of this James Bond wedding cake:

I thought he was joking (he wasn’t) so I passed it along to our family as a joke. The overwhelming response I got back was ‘that cake is so you guys!’ As I started to think about it, it occurred to me they were right. A serious cake for a goofy couple like us just didn’t seem to fit. We needed to have something fun and light hearted like we are.

While we both liked the concept something about a crashed plane and bullet holes might not be exactly right for a destination wedding. I mean let’s face it if you flew all the way down to the Riviera Maya, would you really want to see a crashed plane with bullet holes on the cake? I think not.

And so the search began. We wanted something that not only showed our fun side but reflected both of us. It didn’t take Mr. Meerkat long to come up with a solution; Indiana Jones. He is the original traveler and explorer (which loosely fits with our travel/exploration theme) and we are both HUGE Indy fans.

I found the perfect cake topper right away:

A family friend who is an art teacher is going to repaint the groom with the brown jacket with tan pants and add a little hat so that it will look like Indy plus make the brides hair a dark brown like mine.

At this point I thought we were rockin' this whole wedding cake thing. We had the concept, we had the topper, what else could we need.  Someone to make the cake? fan-flippin-tasic, we forgot to look for the most important part of having a wedding cake made.

What we found out was there are simply no bakers in the Riviera Maya who are able to create this kind of cake.  Who knew finding a baker to create a crazy, falling tiered cake would be so hard?  So now we have to find a more traditional style cake that we can use with our cake toppers and still make it fun.  (Don't worry, I think we found a winner you will love.)

Anyone else have something that they started off thinking NO WAY and ended up loving it?

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