Sep 27, 2010

Walking in the footsteps of a photographer

A couple months ago a friend of ours, Miss A, got engaged to a military man, Mr. S. They decided they were going to plan their wedding in just four short weeks so they could be married on the 4th of July. Now you have to know Miss A to understand that she is the kind of woman who could pull off an amazing wedding in just a month. One of the things she ran into of course on a short time line was getting a photographer. Luckily Sister-In-Law Meerkat is currently dual majoring in photography and digital media and was happy to be Miss A’s photographer.

Now while all this was happening Mr. Meerkat decided it was the perfect time to give me my wedding present. A brand spankin’ new Nikon digital SLR camera just like Sister-In-Law Meerkat has!!!  (By the way, it was love at the first shutter snap.)

With my new camera in hand I quickly volunteered to be the second shooter for Miss A’s wedding. I spent the next couple weeks pouring over photography forums and practicing every spare minute I could. Technically I was prepared but physically… well that’s a whole other story.  Of the 9 hours we photographed (outside in 92 degree weather) I think I sat down for a total of 20 minutes to eat dinner.  Add into the equation that a photographer hardly ever just stands and takes a picture. I spent a lot of time kneeling down and climbing up on stuff to get a good angle.  I don't think I have ever been that tired before.  While every single muscle in my legs hurt, I also felt like I had accomplished something amazing.

Am I glad I did it?  Yes, I would do it again in a heartbeat if I could! I had so much fun plus I now really understand what our photographer will be going through on our wedding day.  And not just the time I spent taking the pictures but the hours upon endless hours of editing the photos afterwards.  It has given me a real appreciation for what we paid for.

Have you ever walked in the footstep of one of your vendors? What was your experience like?

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