Jul 14, 2010

Meet Mr. and Miss Meerkat

Each person that blogs for WeddingBee writes under the name of an icon/moniker (e.g. Mr. & Miss Ribbon). In true WeddingBee fashion I decided that we too should go incognito and have a moniker. So without further ado meet Mr. & Miss Meerkat.

Photo by Sisiter-In-Law Meerkat

Mr. Meerkat and I are a couple fun loving geeks from Michigan who love to laugh. We enjoy anything having to do with movies, books, video games or technology and we hold a special place in our hearts for anything furry and four legged (like our two shih-tzus Wicket and Bravo). We also love to travel. We love it so much that it only took us about 12 hours after we got engaged to decide to have a destination wedding.

Why am I a Tech-Savvy Bride?
My whole life, including my career (I’m a software engineer), revolves around technology so it wasn’t that big of a stretch for me to plan my whole wedding the same way. While most brides carry a three ring binder of pictures from bridal magazines and a notebook, I carry my Motorola Droid phone. Yep that’s it. As you read my blog you will see all of my planning is almost 100% digital and almost 100% online (Mama-In-Law Meerkat has tech issues so we give her paper copies). Even my DIY projects are full of technology from custom Cricut software to photo and video editing programs.

Over the next few weeks I plan to take you through the ups and downs of my planning process and hopefully pass along the MANY things I've learned while trying to plan a wedding that is modern, cost effective and totally us.

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