Jul 21, 2010

Location, Location, Location

It took Mr. Meerkat and I less than 12 hours after we got engaged to decide that we wanted to have a destination wedding. We are travel addicts who love to explore the history and culture of an area.

At first the choices were overwhelming because there were so many possibilities. We looked at Italy but the costs were just too high. We looked at St John but it just didn’t have that rich culture that we were looking for and in Mr. Meerkat’s words ‘all there is to do there is sit on a beach’. We looked at Alaska. Ok I’m not going to lie; we were totally in love with the idea of getting married on a glacier. Then we realized that some of our relatives might not want to hop on a helicopter and ride out onto a floating chunk of ice in the middle of the ocean.


The more research we did the more the locations started to blur together. So we had to stop and ask ourselves what things were really important:

  • Comfortable accommodations
  • Rich history and culture
  • Many non-water activities
  • Affordable
  • Beautiful scenery

Having this small list really helped focus in on what we were looking for.  With our list in hand we started looking at the Riviera Maya, MX. I was a bit skeptical. We had visited briefly two years before and loved it but didn’t really think of it as a place you would get married.  After looking through photographers blogs from the area we were floored by how amazing the Riviera Maya was for a wedding.

We started going over our checklist:
  • Large selection of all-inclusive resorts - check
  • Rich history and culture - check
  • Non-water activities - check
  • Affordable - check and double check 
  • Beautiful scenery - holy wow, check and check!!

Yep the Riviera Maya was screaming PICK ME!! So we did. I think it was the easiest decision we have made for the wedding.  Was picking your location this easy or did we just get really lucky?

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