Jul 12, 2010

Tales of a tech-savvy bride

Welcome to the first post on my journey to becoming a bee.

For all of you who are totally confused, let me explain. Being a bee means being a blogger for the famous weddingbee.com website. The site was started by a bride, Bee Kim, to document her own wedding planning processes. It became such a hit that each month they ask 2-3 amazing brides (5% of applicants) to become bees and blog about their wedding planning process.

So I decided to give my mother, who is an amazing writer, a run for her money and see if she passed any of those writing genes down to me. Over the next few weeks I am going to consolidate my blogging efforts into this site instead of spread across a couple different personal ones. By the end of this little adventure hopefully I will have an amazing set of posts to be proud of.

Stay tuned for some crazy adventures and tons of tech....

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