Dec 7, 2010

Custom Bridesmaids Dresses - The lining is complete!!

Before we decided to get the bridesmaids dress made I had no idea what went into sewing a custom dress. Seamstress L. was able to give us a quick crash course. *grin* 

First thing Seamstress L. did was put together just a basic lining that goes inside the dress so that she could get the measurements exactly right. When we came she had all the seams sewn.

Then she pinned up the back of the top so that she had a measurement to sew from.

Next she took the skirt, which probably held two of bridesmaids K, and pinned each side to line up the seam. Mama-In-Law Meerkat had to help hold it because it was so large.

Next she measured out a rough hem line. She won't add in the finished hem until after the entire dress is sewn together just in case its a little off here or there.

And here is Bridesmaid K with the lining all fitted and ready to be sewn into the rest of the dress.

It may not look like much from the photo but I can already see it coming together. It has been just awesome watching each step of the dress go together. I can't wait to see the almost finished dress at our next fitting!

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