Dec 9, 2010

The Ceremony Programs I "Settled" For

Hopefully you have not forgotten who I am since my posting has been a bit delayed. With the wedding drawing close I find more and more of the last minute projects to do. One of the last minute thing was our ceremony programs.

Originally I wanted to do a material covered front and back cover for the programs. Like this:

And do a binding and inside pages like this:

I hired a seller on Etsy to create the front and back material covers (because I have no idea how to make the embossing stay on there) and I would then make the inside. I gave the seller a drop dead date I had to have them by so I could finish them in time for the wedding. As the deadline approached I heard nothing from the seller and I assumed the worse. (Don't worry I learned my lesson the last time and didn't pay the seller up front.)

So I took the only course of action I could thing of (outside of throwing a tantrum) and create the programs out of the pages I had already printed.

I think they turned out pretty good for a last minute change in plans. Once I laid them on the fan they go with I knew I had made the right decision. Not to mention the oodles of time I saved not having to figure out how to make the covers. *grin*

Any last minute change of plans work out well for you?

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